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Dominican Republic

photo credit: Dominican Republic Ministry of Tourism

Requirements to get married in The Dominican Republic

Required Documentation

Symbolic Ceremony:

This is much easier. You get married at home at the court house or wherever you choose. In the Dominican Republic, you will have a symbolic wedding.  A symbolic wedding is the ceremony without all the paper work.

  1. Valid passport.

  2. Original Birth Certificate.

  3. Notarized Single Status Affidavit for each one.

  4. If previously married, copy
    of legalized/sealed Divorce Act or Death Certificate.There

  5. is a mandatory 10 months waiting period, for women, after divorced for re-marrying.

  6. Certificate adoption, if applicable.

  7. Parental authorization, if applicable.

  8. Passport photocopies of the witnesses.

Legal Ceremony:

The wedding couple has to arrive at the destination 3 business day's prior to the wedding date to process all the required paperwork. Blood tests are not necessary in the D.R. If you want to have a full legal ceremony, we recommend you contact WEDO for assistance with your document requirements. 

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