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Requirements to get married in Jamaica

Visitors can be married 24 hours after arriving in Jamaica, providing prior application has been made for a marriage license to the Ministry of Justice. Unlike many countries, Jamaica does not require a blood test before getting married. 

Required Documentation
  • Proof of citizenship - certified copy of birth certificate, which includes father’s name.

  • Parent’s written consent if under 18 years of age.

  • Proof of divorce if applicable (original certificate of divorce).

  • Certified copy of death certificate for widow or widower.



Special Note:
All documents that are not issued in English must be translated by an Official Translator and subsequently certified by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the country of residence and by the nearest Jamaican Mission or Honorary Consulate.

Processing Fee
The processing fee for the Marriage License is Four Thousand Jamaican Dollars (approximately US$50.00). The marriage license is valid for 3 months and the application is the same day process. For more details about obtaining a marriage license visit:

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