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Costa Rica

Requirements to get married in Costa Rica

Getting married in Saint Lucia is fairly easy. You can apply for a marriage license 2 day's prior to the wedding date for a fee of EC $335, or the same day application at a fee of EC $540.  (With the exchange rate at 0.37 to the dollar, this is $124.-/$200.-)

Required Documentation


  • At least 18 years of age

  • A Pregnancy test administered by the supreme court of Costa Rica is required. If negative there is no wait time.

  • Current passports for Groom, Bride, and Witnesses (obligatory / copies needed beforehand).

  • Birth Certificates for Groom and Bride

  • Single or divorce certificates for groom and bride 

  • If anyone, groom or bride, has been married previously, a photocopy of the final Judgment executing the divorce 

  • Two witnesses at the ceremony. Anyone can serve you as witnesses even your close family or citizens of Costa Rica (In case you do not have any witnesses the attorney office can provide them for you).

  • Fill out the wedding information questionnaire


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