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Trust your Wedding with a 

Destination Expert


Trust your wedding with a Destination Expert

Stress-free Destination Wedding planning

The best day of your life starts here!  If you are ready to start planning or if you have a question,  just get in  touch with us!  We love to be on your team!  We will be here from start to finish, ready to  give you great tips, advice  and handle all the travel logistics for you and also your guests.  


Destination Weddings have many Wonderful benefits that you may not have thought of before.  A Destination wedding is much easier to plan than a wedding at home.  Many All-Inclusive resorts  have pre-  designed wedding packages that include all the components of an amazing wedding.  You also have the ability to  customize your wedding from top to bottom if you so wish.  


Your dedicated wedding team coordinators will keep you on track.  All the bride and the groom will  have  to do is add their personal touches and enjoy the anticipation of this great day!  


Destination weddings are often less expensive than a typical wedding.  How is that possible?  Well,  resorts will often have complimentary wedding options and other free amenities with a group  booking at their resort.  Your Honeymoon is also included since you are already at an amazing destination.  You can make it as big or small as  you prefer.  Use the expertise of your Caribbean wedding travel consultant and the wedding coordinator at the resort  to work within your budget.


Quality time with your friends and family

 Traditional weddings generally feature a rehearsal dinner, ceremony, and reception - none of which really amount to  genuine time together with loved ones who might have traveled far to be with you on your special day.  Destination  weddings  allow for a relaxing, vacation atmosphere that provides opportunities for fun as a group. In addition to  wedding  festivities, guests can gather for meals, play games on the beach or in the pools, dance in the nightclub, or  plan  excursions.  Genuine time together while away is easy, and is something that many brides and  grooms really  love about destination weddings.


Experience the difference

Let us help you get the most out of your special day.  If there is a better deal, we will find it!  If there are free amenities like a free room upgrade offer or a free night, you will receive it!

If an issue arrises we will fix it!  We have the connections with the resorts to offer extra's you will not be able to get anywhere else. 

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